​​​​During Milan Design Week 2016 Elle Decor Italia staged an unforgettable installation called SOFT HOME in historic Palazzo Bovara. The visitors can explore a succession of rooms surrounded by high-end technologies.A reflection on progress and integration in everyday life of smart technologies such as  ‘the Internet of things’, ‘tangible interfaces, ‘deep learning’, ‘biometric sensors’,‘big data’.I designed alongside H-art agency, all the video contents for the ‘The Crunchy Kitchen'.
My Work:   #Artdirection   |   #Storyboard   |    #Shooting   |    #Animation   |   #Editing   |    #Post-processing
Credits:   Client - Elle Decor Italy   |   Agency - H-art   |   Chef: L’oste Errante   |   Ph: Giuseppe Casaburi   |   Camera: Filippo Arlotta   | Service: Co-rent​​​​​​​

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